Jen Meister, MA, CHHC

I am a passionate Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Bar Method teacher.

I am forever nourishing myself with knowledge that I am passionate about as well as a believer in taking  all of my teachings and spreading the goodness to others.

As most of you know other than being with my family and friends…my heart and soul resides in my kitchen creating Simple, Clean, and Whole foods.

xoxoxo jen


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  1. dear jen,

    a wonderful simple and sincere site. much luck with all your endeavors as you say what you mean and you are who you profess to be. love, della

  2. Jen, Congratulations! The site is a wonderful resource – I think I’ll go get a glass of water now! I look forward to reading your future posts.

  3. Dear Jen…. Finally….I’m on. I love this site. It’s fantastic….. You continue to inspire me! Thank you xosara

  4. Happy New Year Jen! Marcy forwarded your website to me and I am hooked. You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to learning more and making some positive changes in 2012.
    All the best to you and your family….Korinne

  5. Jen,
    You truly inspired me.Thank you for helping me,and getting me on a path of wellness. OMG!!!! Just made the scrumtious bean soup. It is delicious.

  6. Hello Jen! Marci gave me your site and card tonight . . . She and Paul have both highly recommended you to Wayne and I. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

  7. HI Jen. Just wondering if you have any info with regard to sesame seed. Does it have great nutritional value added to yogurt, salads, fruit? I heard something about it and can’t remember why I am sprinkle some on my morning yogurt and berries. Any info?

    Also, cookies look delicious and am certainly going to try. Although – can (yikes, sorry!) ‘regular’ flour be used? And if so, do I sub it out for the oat flour or the whole wheat? (Will you forgive me?)

    AND most importantly, if it is your birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – YOU FABULOUS BAR BABE!!!!

    Love ya,

    PS – You could make a great cookbook – and with the beautiful pictures! I can see a book signing at Short Hills Kings coming!

  8. Yes, you may substitute white flour in place of wheat or oat…..Give it try though, you never know you may not even notice the difference…

    Sesame Seeds are a great source of cooper, magnesium and calcium….flax seeds are also another seed filled with rice omega 3 fatty acids which also can be sprinkled on top of yogurt…
    Great choices!!!!
    My bday is in August…it was Jen H bday on Jan 31st…..
    Thanks for your encouragement as always…
    xo jen

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