To Fall In Love with Yourself Is The First Secret To Happiness


Happy Valentines Day!!!!

When I think of Valentines Day, I think of LOVE….

Love for family, friends, animals, and those who are in need

What we tend to forget about most is Love for One Self….

When we love ourselves individually the love for others flows Easily and Effortlessly

Unconditional Self Love has no limitations, no demands, no commands, no judgments, no conditions of any kind

Love starts with Self Love…I truly believe that we were born with Self Love..

When life gets in the way of Self Love thats when we begin to Self Sabotage, leading to negative patterns

As I counsel my clients on Nutrition, we always delve into Self Sabotaging habits such as Emotional Eating….

Finding a path back to Self Love will absolutely transform your thought process leading to habits that will Nourish and Feed you….

There are so many ways to love yourself

1.  Exercise

2.  Eat Mindfully

3. Have Humor With Yourself

4.  Smile Within

5.  Choose Loving Relationships

I have created a Self Love Ritual for myself over the years that actually EXUDES Unconditional Love…

I have an everyday reminder, which is my recipe for Self Love…now notice this is not a recipe I can eat

I have a laughing Buddha in my office

He has the biggest smile on his face and a chubby belly….

When I look at him, I can actually imagine and hear his Laughter and Wisdom…

This special Buddha emulates SELF LOVE….he is a reminder everyday for me to Be Present, Have Good Intentions, and Share My Wealth of Knowledge with others…

This is a short simple recipe that feeds my Heart and Soul

Find something that represents the feeling of Self Love….make it a Ritualistic reminder

Again, “To Fall In Love With Yourself Is The Secret To Happiness”

Enjoy the rest of your evening!!!!

Lots of love and light

xo jen


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  1. So true, Jen. I’m reminded of Whitney Houston’s song “The Greatest Love” and how that message did not seem to penetrate her being. It’s good to pause and think about how that message can be lost to each of us. I appreciate the reminder!!

    I need to introduce you to my Buddhas!

    xo Donna

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