The Road Warrior Diet


Running into a take out restaurant…driving thru fast food restaurants…

Eating your breakfast,snacks and lunch while driving in your car…maybe even talking on your phone….

Sound familiar????

This is what I call a “Road Warrior Diet”

What is the cost of this lifestyle????

The answer is your “HEALTH AND WELL BEING”

There is no possible way your digestive system can work efficiently while engaging in the “Road Warrior Diet”

There is so much outside influence that we face each day in our daily lives….

The foods that you put in your mouth and digest while running around transform who you are…..

Rushing around eating your lunch in 5 minutes flat would equate to feeling frantic inside causing indigestion

Taking  time for yourself, sitting for your meals and digesting equates to self care and a sense of calm….

Make the choice to what the influence you want on your Well Being 

I am asked everyday in my practice…How can I lose weight?

My answer is,“It’s just not the calories you put in, it is a combination of Food and Lifestyle”

You can not have one without the other…

It is called living in Balance and Moderation…which you have heard me say before…it applies to everything in life….

With that said, I have a challenge for you this week….


Notice how long you are sitting for Breakfast and Lunch…

Are you talking on the phone, sitting in front of the computer, driving your car?

Start to reflect on how you feel after engaging in on the “Road Warrior Diet” in comparison to “Eating Mindfully.”

My hope for you is that being in a state of awareness may spark the fire to make a change in your Health and the state of your Well Being

If you are open to the challenge, please let me know how it goes…..

xo jen


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  1. SO have this problem, particularly at lunch !!!! So many times I am grabbing a quick bite while running errands. My girlfriend calls this “a roadie”!

    I am just starting to slow down my lunchtime; making sure I am sitting somewhere properly eating a wholesome (Jen approved!) small meal.

    However as for dinner, I am mindful with how dinner is served. I call it a ‘transition’ period. After preparing dinner etc…, I walk away from the kitchen for 5 -10 minutes; let the dinner rest for a few, while I rejuvenate myself. This prevents not only the kids but me from devouring dinner so quickly (because like my kids, I am starving too!).
    By doing this transition time, I guarantee you, along with your children, will slow down eating and conversations will be longer. Dinner will be a more peaceful atmosphere overall. It works for our household, maybe it will for you!

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