86 the Excess


#1 complaint I hear in my practice is, “I THINK I EAT REALLY HEALTHY BUT I JUST CAN NOT LOSE WEIGHT”

Portion sizes have steadily increased over the past 30 years, leaving us with Expanding Meals and Waistlines

We have all become accustomed to eating out, ordering a meal including a drink, appetizer, main course, coffee and dessert…sound familiar?


We try to cook our families a sensible meal while continuing to go back for seconds….

Thus leaving us with an abundance of caloric intake, its no wonder we are fighting the buldge….

How Can We 86 The Excess?

1.  Be sure to pay attention to how many calories and fat are in one serving

2.  Measure the amount of protein by the size of your palm…that is a real portion

3.  Load your plate up with greens which will satiate your belly

4.  When cooking measure the amount of oil you cook with….this will cut back on sneaky calories

5.  Balance your plate…25% protein, 25% whole grain, and 50% vegetables

6.  Take a seat…if you dont have a table, plate and chair there is a tendency to mindlessly graze and overeat

7.  Beware of over consuming healthy snacks like nuts….a correct snack portion is 8 to 10 nuts(WOW)

8.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry…3 portion controlled meals and 2 snacks a day will keep your blood sugar levels balanced, cutting back on the highs and lows

9.  Stick to one protein, one whole grain, one fatty item, and all types of produce at each meal

10.Watch your toppings…adding cheese, nuts, sauces to your meal will overstimulate your palate causing “OVEREATING”

You may think you are eating healthy, but if you eat to much…you are “OVEREATING”

It is all about how much you are simply nourishing your body, compared to how much you are nourishing your emotions

Like I have said before, Balance and Moderation is the key to a Healthy Diet

I am so PASSIONATE and hell bent on incorporating a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle that will allow you to eat mindfully without depriving yourself

Please take a moment to contemplate how your emotions are playing a part in your food intake

This just may your first step in the direction to a HEALTHIER YOU

Want to incorporate a Simple Clean and Whole lifestlye?  

I am available to help!


xo jen


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