Happy and Healthy New Year


I Wanted To Share A Few Reflections That Might Resonate With Some For The New Year….

1.   Talk Less…Listen More

2.   Stop Waiting For The Right Time


4.   Find The Lesson That is Presented To You

5.   Don’t Do Whats EASY….Do What Works

6.   Don’t Sulk….Seek

7.   Don’t Succumb, Overcome

8.   Act, Don’t React

9.   Stop Looking for Approval, Permission, Protection, and Praise

10.  Be Solution Focused, Not Problem Obsessed

The Most Incredible Part Of  Being A Human Is That We Have The Option To CHOOSE What Is Good For Us In Order To Live A Happy Healthy Lifestyle.

Identify Your Core Values…..Live In Alignment With Them

Wishing You And Your Loved Ones A Happy And Healthy New Year 2012…

With Much Gratitude,  Jen


11 responses »

  1. Happy New Year, Jen!!
    In your honor, I am on “DAY 2” of creating your Black Bean soup…
    We will welcome 2012 with this fantastic recipe!
    XO Sallie

  2. I love this – filing in my 2012 folder. A happy and healthy 2012 to you and your family!! Glad you’re back home – looking forward to catching up! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your inspiring message. I look forward to your posts. The black bean soup was so delicious. It is one of my husbands all time favorites! When are you writing your cookbook? We will buy one for sure!

    • Thanks Karen!!! Happy New Year to you and your family….You will have access to many recipes at the end of January beginning of February as my website will launch then…Thanks for reaching out….xoxoxo

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