You must purchase the book FOOD RULES, An Eater’s Manual written by Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman

It is so simply written and the illustrations are just beauiful…..

Stocking Stuffer?

I want to share my top 10 favorite FOOD RULE tips that resonated with me…..

1.  Don’t Eat Anything Your Great Grandmother Would Not Recognize As Food

2.  Avoid Products That Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup

3.  Avoid Food Products That Contain More Than Five Ingredients

4.  Avoid Food Products Containing Ingredients That a Third-Grader Cannot Pronounce

5.  When You Eat Real Foods You Don’t Need Rules

6.  Shop the Peripheries of the Supermarket where “FRESH” food is located, Stay Out of the Middle where the PROCESSED FOOD lives

7.  Eat Foods Made from Ingredients That You Can Picture in Their Raw State or Growing in Nature

8.  If It Came from a Plant, Eat it; If It Was Made in a Plant, Don’t!!!  (LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this one)

9.  Don’t Eat Breakfast Cereals That Change the Color of the Milk

10.If You’re Not Hungry Enough to Eat an Apple, Then You’re Probably Not Hungry

In lieu of the Holidays….the winner is:


Next week, stay tuned…..

Quinoa Salad with Tofu and Ginger Vinaigrette

This recipe can be made with Chicken, Fish, Pork, Steak or your favorite legume as well….

Learn about the benefits of the healthy grain, Quinoa

XO Jen

“The only reason we don’t have what we want in life is the reasons we create why we can’t have them”


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  1. I’ve been looking for a reason to try my hand quinoa – had it in a soup recently and liked it. Thanks, Jen! I need these food rule reminders for myself and my kids. For those of you interested in delving more into the topic, read Mark Bittman’s Food Matters.

  2. Great blog. How true, how true. Love the cereal one, that cannot be good. LOL. My grandmother lived to 96. You know there was no corn syrup then. Wow, what an eye opener. You are an inspiration. Keep it coming.


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