What’s the EFFECT of Flavoring?


We have all experienced putting a piece of gum in our mouth, getting that yummy burst of flavor and within 2 minutes that exact piece of gum had absolutely no taste.

I can attest to that experience, as I used to be addicted to chewing gum.

It used to be that my nearest and dearest would actually hide gum from me.

I never asked for just 1 piece, it had to be 3 or nothing..as soon as the flavor was gone….

I popped another, till the pack was gone…Crazy, right?

Yes, I had an addiction.


The burst of flavor that we taste in processed foods is called FLAVORING.

These are additives that cause harm to your body but smell and look awesome.

These are the foods your children see marketed on TV.  It’s no wonder why they want them!!!!!

The flavor in these processed foods are genetically modified taken from its natural state.

Think about the flavors of gum, flavored chicken, beef, creamers, soda, water etc…..the list goes on.

These so called “FOODS” are artificially enhanced and  intensified with fat, salt, or sugar.

You should know this is NOT food!!!!

Flavor is actually the hired gun of the food industry.  Americans have become addicted to foods that are false.

This fallacy leads to over consumption of foods, which seduces people to eat more fat, salt, and sugar.

It is the food industries job to provide flavor which stimulates ones memory to repeat the purchase of these foods.

The increase in additives result in over eating, obesity, inflammation, low energy and intense cravings.

My motto is:  “If your great grandmother did not eat it, either should you”

What happened to just eating an orange or an apple with the burst of flavor that sustains itself throughout the eating process.  Any long term side effects there????

My message to you is, you were given one body in this lifetime, it is your choice how you go about taking care of it.

You can trash your body or you can feed it with Clean, Simple and Whole foods.

Why wait, start now, set your mind to WELLNESS.

Remember, many diseases are reversed from simply just making clean choices.

This is your opportunity….

Thanksgiving  just passed, December holidays are just around the corner…..

A lot of indulgence…..which leads to guilt…which leads to your New Years Resolution…..

My passion is to help others realize that you can heal yourself through foods…..

Imagine reversing your cravings, over eating, low energy, and inflammation.  

Now, make it a REALITY.

Please let me know if I can support you on your journey to a better you!!!!!!  

To your health,

Jen Meister, MA, CHHC

Contact:  jennypm68@me.com

ps:  by the end of this week you will receive this delicious recipe..stay tuned


7 responses »

  1. Jen–
    I CANNOT WAIT until the end of the week for the recipe!!!
    C’mon! You did this to me over Thanksgiving!!
    You are as tough with these posts as you are a Bar teacher!
    Drooling now…. just waiting…
    XO Sallie

  2. Your support has led to both me and my husband making better food choices! Hope to continue to be aware over the holiday season! And the dish looks amazing! Looking forward to the recipe!

  3. I’m jumping on your bandwagon and recommending everyone read The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan. If your blog isn’t enough of a reason to eat healthy, this book will do it! XO

    • He is actually the most inspiring Author and advocate on Whole Foods….
      His newest book, that I am completely enthralled in is Food Rules with illustrations by Maira Kalman. Simple and Easy to read….
      Thanks Amy for that shout out!!!
      We are on the same page!!!!

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