Feeling the Love


I just can believe it has been 4 years since I have had a love affair with Cooking and my Kitchen….

I will never forget the day when I actually stopped in the food market, read a label on a 100 calorie snack pack, and realized that I was feeding myself and my family poison.

Why is it that we can not even pronounce some of the ingredients that we are actually ingesting?

Did you know that margarine can sit out in your garage for years and not mold?

Margarine along with many other foods are made with processed chemicals such as hydrogenated oils which is one of the leading causes of  disease.

Food that is grown fresh affects us differently than food thats been sitting out for days or even weeks.

Think about a fresh loaf of bread compared to commercial processed loaf of  bread.

Which molds quicker?

The fresh loaf, as it is prepared with fresh ingredients.  Processed foods allows food for longer shelf life.

My motto is,


With that said, I made a commitment to feeding myself and family SIMPLE CLEAN AND WHOLE FOODS.

Yes, it may take a bit longer to prepare, but the taste and the love  you will be feeding your body is far greater than the price your health will pay in the long run.

Why am I feeling the love?

I believe that food prepared at home by a loving person has a different nutritional effect than the exact same food prepared in a restaurant.

When we feed our family, there’s love in the food and care in its preparation, which creates a higher quality of LOVE and ENERGY.

Believe me when I tell you that Fresh Foods paired with Cooking intimidated me!

These are a few steps to get yourself started…..

1.  Give yourself permission to create Simple dishes without having the expectation of them coming out perfect.

2.  Don’t take yourself so seriously!!!!

3.  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Use your kitchen as a place to empower, gain confidence and re invent yourself!!!!!!

The gift that you will give yourself and your loved ones when they walk into their home, and smell your home cooking will be PRICELESS!

Next blog:  Stay tuned for my not so perfect KOOKY Homemade Challah Bread Recipe…..

If you would like to learn more about incorporating a SIMPLE CLEAN AND WHOLE LIFESTLYE for you and your family

Contact me at jennypm68@me.com


Jen Meister, MA

Certified Holistic Health Counselor


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  1. Thanks Jen for your insight. I am totally enjoying your Simple Clean living. Being raised by European parents, I find your wisdom to be exactly what my mother taught me many years ago. Eating fresh fruits, cheese and fresh breads. Picking berries and apples at the local farms are memories with her. Simple roasts was my mother’s specialty – and of course – a cookbook was never around. All in her head – a little this, a little that. I have worked very hard to continue this lifestyle of eating, and dining. Sometimes it has been incredibly difficult to cook dinner while constantly being interrupted by running out the door to drive my kids back and forth from their activities. But I hang in there, and a homemade dinner – although not always fabulous – still wins the most compliments from my kids. I roasted a pork loin this rainy afternoon, and not a moist string of meat was left for a sandwich tomorrow! Joey ate it all!

  2. You know Jen, this is exactly how I feel about home cooking. I have been cooking with love for my family for years. My family has simply thrived on my inventions! There is nothing like the aromas that seep throughout your home when you are preparing your meal. Just the pure joy of the reactions from everyone with every mouthful. It gives me pure satisfaction. I just had my first dinner in my new apartment for my whole family. I thought it would be too small to do this. I discovered no place is too small to gather all of the people whom you love and nourish them with a delicious home cooked meal. Thanks for the blog! Much love Mary Ann

  3. Such a great way to start the day. How true about cooking with “LOVE”. I find it very relaxing to be in the kitchen creating great tasting healthy food for my family and especially their friends.

    Have a great day Jen!

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