A Different Kind of Nourishment


Last week I attended a Steely Dan concert with my husband and my two teenagers.

Yes, really, Steely Dan!!!!!

My kids have no other choice but to love them as much as my husband and I, as they are subject to either Steely Dan or the Grateful Dead in our house.

This was a situation where we purchased the tickets months ago.  It was also one of those nights that I just wanted to stay home.

Little did I know, that I was going to receive  such a profound message from Walter Becker, one of the lead singers and guitarist.

He asked the audience, “What do you do to Nourish Your Soul?”

This was an Oprah “AH HA” moment!!!!!

As I watched Walter play his guitar, sing, laugh, smile, touch other people’s souls with his creativity, I GOT IT!!!!

This is what he does to Nourish his Soul!

His incredible energy reflected like a mirror image to his audience which in turn had the audience up on their feet, singing, dancing, swaying, holding hands, laughing etc…

This is the kind of nourishment that does not come on a plate.  You can’t eat it.

This is the kind of food that creates a Healthy, Happy, Balanced, Disease free lifestyle.

So, I ask you……What Nourishes Your Soul?

Think back to when you were a child swinging on a swing…the feeling you got in your belly when you went really high, the smile, the glee, the laughter, the pure enjoyment you were experiencing.  We all need to tap back into that playful, creative energy.

As our schedules become busier and busier, it seems there is less time to focus on what makes us internally happy.  It is easier to look outside of yourrself than have the courage to dig deep .   Remember, it does not matter how much KALE you eat to be healthy……it is the balance of  your foods you chose to eat and the foods you choose to fill your Soul.

Without  balance we become Malnourished….

Try this empowering “Soul Nourishing Recipe”

1. Be “KOOKY”, I tell my kids fit out, not in…..

2.  Dance around in private like you are a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

3.  Smile at yourself when looking in the mirror  (hey, you do have to be with yourself 24/7)

4.  Sing as loud as you can to your favorite music.  Make believe you are the rock star that you really are

5.  Always compliment someone in need

6.  Buy yourself a journal, writing is the best Soul Filler

7.  Give yourself permission to do nothing…no one has to know if you sneak a nap in during the day!

8.  Let your “Freak Flag Fly”……I do, and it is empowering and invigorating…..

Practice these Soul Nourishing steps.  I promise you will experience a shift in your moods, immune system, stress levels and overall sense of Health and Well being.

Lighten up, Feel Free, Enjoy the Ride!!!!!!

xo jen

If you would like to learn more about my Holistic Nutritional Counseling practice,  please contact me at jennypm68@me.com

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Stay tuned for more to come……...


3 responses »

  1. my favorite post, yet! just what I needed during this time of my life.
    I still cherish the conversation we had over the phone. It truly initiated a shift in my perception. THANK YOU. 🙂

  2. Steeley Dan…The Dead…I knew I liked you, Meister!
    Cooking for my family nourishes my soul. So does biking on the beach, singing country at the top of my lungs until my kids tell me to can it, and eating a big ol’ hunk of dark chocolate every Friday.
    Thanks for the opportunity to write it all down 🙂

  3. Dear Jen,

    Boy did u get it right….I love dancing letting my inner star shine, thinking i am on dancing with the stars…my grandchildren, creating my art , spending time with dear friends. I am so totaly blessed to be able to nourish my soul every day. Thanks

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