Something to Wet your Palate


Hope you all survived  Hurricane Irene with little damage…..

I finally got internet back!!!!

I am really excited to touch upon WATER for this blog entry…Quite ironic since Hurricane Irene just washed over us

Most of you who see me walking around Summit will notice a 32oz  Nalgiene bottle of water in my hand.

I must get questioned everyday, “What is in your bottle?” or “What is floating in your water”

ANSWER:  Water with Simple, Clean and Whole enhancements-  I will get to the enhancement part of it.

Most of us are aware of the importance of drinking water.

The human body is 60% water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water.

So, it makes sense that this essential fluid must be continually replenished.

Getting your daily requirement of water helps your organs function, keeps your skin clear and hydrated, and allows physical action in your body to flow smoothly.

Maintaining hydration can promote weight loss, prevent headaches, premature aging and eliminate pain…..What could be better then WATER????

Many of us find it challenging to drink enough water throughout the day with our busy schedules

Not drinking enough water may lead to poor digestion, sluggish thinking, skin breakouts, headaches, bad breath, and general fatigue…to name a few.

Okay, so here are my tips:

1.  Set a large glass of water by your bed when you go to sleep, drink it right when you wake.  This will pull out toxins left from the previous day and refreshes your system.

2.  Keep a bottle of water accessible throughout the day, whether you are on the go or sitting at your desk.

3.  Carry your Water with you…it is a must have, just like carrying your cell phone around all day

(water is for your health, a cell phone is not)

Now for the Enhancements:

1.  Add mint leaves

2.  Squeeze of fresh lemon, lime, or orange

3.  Sprig of parlsley

4.  Few slices of cucumber

5.  My Favorite: Synergy Organic Raw Kombucha

I mix 16oz of water with 16oz of Kombucha

The question I get most:

What the heck is Organic Raw Kombucha? and What’s so healthy about  it?

1. Organic Raw Kombucha is a Chinese fermented tea drink

2. In Chinese medicine they call it the “Elixir of Life” or “Tea of Immortality”

3.  contains a blend of probiotics which helps the growth of good bacteria in your belly thus promoting healthy digestion.

4.  contains powerful antioxidants to help strenthen your immune system.

5.  contains glucosamines which helps to reduce arthristis related pain as well as promotes heathly joints

You can find Synergy Raw Kombucha in Whole Foods and it comes in many flavors.

Try it, the taste may be a little funky at first, just remember you are nourishing your body in a healthy and positive way.

Always keep in mind that along with drinking your water throughout the day continue to eat raw fruits and veggies which will contribute to your hydration process

Now for a story?  Why not?  I will always share from my own personal experiences

While training for my Yoga Certification 8 year ago, my teacher had me label my water bottles with a  positive word…

Such words as:







I was instructed that anytime I took a sip of water,  I was taking the meaning into my system that word of choice.

How profound and enlightening this was for me that each sip of water I was nourishing my physical body, as well as nourishing my inner body, most important my mind.

Just imagine the amount of times you put a glass or bottle to your lips, you can be feeding yourself with a positive affirmation.

In our busy lives, can you honestly say you give yourself positive thoughts even 5 times a day?

Can you create a vision recognizing the shift in your being once you begin to start drinking more water?

So, even if you don’t label your water bottle, okay, I accept that…but, I highly recommend being conscious about this practice….

Set 1 or 2 intentions for this week…

1.  Drink more water

2.  Nourish your mind as well as your body

Remember, being KOOKY is fun, try it!!!!

Until we meet again,

xoxo jen


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  1. I know I need to start drinking more water every day and I love the idea of addiing positive affirmations….I will try to do that too!! we need to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves and this is a great start! thanks for the tip Jen!

  2. Jen,
    I am so thrilled for you and for all of us who can follow and learn! Thank you for all of the support and energy that you put into your Bar and now your “Simple, Clean and Whole” students.
    We love you for it!
    All the best,

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